O2 Financial Strategies Inc. as your partner!

So you have a strategy to grow your business?

We understand that you are the CEO, CFO, owner, manager and communicator of your company. We would like to take some responsibilities and accountabilities off your hands to help your business grow.

We identify, analyze and present financial information to assist you in making better decisions. By using management accounting concepts and techniques, we will help you achieve the short and long term goals of your organization.


We offer tailor made solutions for small businesses.


 Here's what we offer:

  1. Economic Forecasting and Financial Modelling

  2. Risk Management Strategies

  3. Tax Efficient Strategies

  4. Mapping opportunities through financial data

  5. Regular reviews of business plans and strategies through numbers

  6. Performance Management

  7. Cost Analysis

  8. Profit Analysis

  9. Investment Strategies

  10. Valuation

  11. Bookkeeping, Accounting and Payroll services*

  12. Corporate Tax Return and CRA Audit assistance*

*Provided by strategic alliance partners with O2FS. Please contact us for details.